The  29th  Annual
Sn3  Symposium
February 27th to March 1st,  2014
Dallas / Fort Worth,  Texas

This year's Contests will follow the format used at past Symposiums, the 29th Annual Sn3 Symposium invites modelers and photographers to bring their best modeling and photography work for this years contest. Model Categories will include Engines, Rolling Stock and Structures. Photos will be separated between Color and B&W. Contest winners will be determined by popular vote.
For those who are NMRA members and are seeking NMRA judging of their entry, bring along your NMRA forms.
We have several qualified NMRA Master Model Railroaders who will be available to judge your entry.
But you don't have to enter the contest to show off your modeling. The contest room is open for any modeling or photo project that you want to bring along so folks can see an example of your work whether it is complete or a current work in progress.

Model Contest Entry Form
Photo Contest Entry Form