The  29th  Annual
Sn3  Symposium
February 27th to March 1st,  2014
Dallas / Fort Worth,  Texas

Al Boos - Durango Roundhouse images

Casey and Cody Akins - Scratch Building NG Equipment in 1:24 scale
Clarence Zink - Mining and Smelting in Colorado

Duane Richardson - Vehicle Mods using an early Ford Truck

Ken Ehlers - Scenery

Russ Segner - The Dynamite Train

Steve Amitrano - Engine and Train Maintenance
Warren Judge - Weathering Vehicles and Rolling Stock
         ...and...       - Painting Small Figures

Various Clinics will be given during the Symposium.  Here are some already in the works...

Click here to see a tentative Schedule of Days and Times for the event