The  29th  Annual
Sn3  Symposium
February 27th to March 1st,  2014
Dallas / Fort Worth,  Texas

Saturday Evening
Following Sn3 Symposium custom, the 29th Annual Sn3 Symposium will host an awards presentation on Saturday evening of the event. This year, the Symposium will treat guests to desert and coffee along with an old fashion slide show following the awards and future site presentations.
What is exciting about the slide show is that guests will be able to see updates of images from the collection of John McCall and Jay Miller. John is a well-known author of books on the Santa Fe and Jay has been a long time Santa Fe modeler. But both John and Jay have shared a passion for the narrow gauge. Jay visited Alamosa, and Durango, Colorado on family trips in his youth. Jay is building a new Sn3 layout at his retirement home near Crawford, TX.
In addition, guests will have a chance to see never before published narrow gauge images captured by John Lydecker and his friend, James Mims in Chama, Durango and Alamosa during rail fan trips in the 1950's. John Lydecker was the father of Bob Lydecker, an Sn3 modeler living in Dallas.
To cap off the evening, Dallas modeler, Mike Jobe will be sharing images of Chama and Durango taken in the 40's and 50's from the private collection of Ward Kimball. Mike acquired some of the Kimball collection from the estate.

Private Tour of the Museum of the American Railroad

After a 50 year stay at Dallas' Fair Park, the Museum of the American Railroad completed it's move to it's new home in Frisco, Texas this past September. While the Museum's Frisco site is currently under construction and closed to the public, a special private tour of the Museum is available to Symposium attendees. This private tour will take place the afternoon of Friday, February 28th, 2014. To help with costs, tour participants will be charged standard admission to the Museum.

So that we can provide a headcount to the Museum, we ask that folks send us an email indicating interest. We will take final headcount during Symposium registration. This will be a great opportunity to visit both the Museum's historic 42-piece collection of railroad engines and rolling stock along with a visit to the Museum's interim exhibit site at the Frisco Heritage Museum just two blocks from the Museum of the American Railroad.

Click here to see a tentative Schedule
 of each Day and Times for the event

- - -  Two Operating Sessions  - - -
James Peterson will host a Session on his GC&SF layout.
And Chip Romig will host a Session on his CSR layout.

These will be a 3-4 hour sessions during the Symposium,
separate from the normal open house tours.
If interest, visit either layout page and click the link
to send an email to sign up.  Crew Slots are limited!


! !  Symposium  Raffle  ! !
Three  PBL  RTO  cars will raffled off this year,
    custom weathered by Sn3 Modeler,  Steve Amitrano
Steve will be weathering  a PBL  Stock Car,  Gondola
 and 3000 series Boxcar to be given away as Raffle Prizes
Raffle Tickets     $ 5 each   or   3  for $10

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