South Texas Railroad Socials
The South Texas Railroad Socials were started in the Spring of 2018 by Frolin and Tom, to provide a place for train people to gather, to talk and share ideas, to learn from and share with others, to SOCIAL’ize without the variables of clubs, dues, membership or politics. These are held so that we can get together and talk trains, both prototype and models. You may see a presentation on a Tourist railroad or a clinic on weathering model freight cars. We hope to have a variety material (based in part on what people like YOU will share/present). Below are Summaries of past Socials, both topics and pictures. A way to see what we did, or an idea of what we do… We average between 30 and 40 people at each Social, men and women, teenage too, gathering to enjoy some train time with others. Due to the Coronavirus, we have started hosting “Virtual Socials”, a video conference call per-say, using the Zoom platform. We will continue to have monthly or bi-monthly Virtual Socials. Notices go out to those on the Email list. Are you on it ?
May 2020 - our second “Virtual Social” with 44 in attendance, 3 presentations and lots of Show-N-Tell. Plus you can watch two video versions of it now on YouTube. April 2020 - our first “Virtual Social” had 34 people, and had 3 micro presentations and some Show-n-Tell. Then followed by some online socializing after. December 2019 - two plus hours of railroad material, covering Rolling Stock tune-ups, building a Diesel facility, building a Work Desk, Area Photo tour and more. September 2019 - two hours of great stuff, including a recap of the Railway Express Agency, tips on Layout Design Elements, the History of SAMRA, then a layout tour of SAMRA. June 2019 - we had a full presentation on San Antonio railroad history, two layout topics, Along with Show-n-Tell, some NMRA LSR infor, good Q&A, and a museum tour after. March 2019 - folks enjoyed two presentations, videos, awards and various other material. A clinic on White Metal Castings and on researching a Railroad Time Machine. December 2018 - we moved to a new location, enjoyed lunch, then three presentations, Riding NKP 765, Paper Models and Houston Layout tours. Then an Sn3 layout tour. September 2018 - a clinic on designing a model railroad, plus a railfan recap on hiking in a canyon and a railroad museum update. After, SAMRA hosted an Operating Session. June 2018 - enjoyed a photo presentation on area railroading, clinic on Weathering Models, saw an Overview of china at the New Braunfels Museum, and had an HO layout tour. March 2018 - we had a Clinic on enhancing models, a Motor Car presentation, that included three “Speeders” in the parking lot. Afterwards, two model railroads open for touring.
When you attend a Social, or visit one of the layout options after, do you take pictures ? If so, please consider letting us share some of your photos in a recap! Email me to discuss.