South Texas Railroad Socials
June 22nd, 2019 - 11am to 2:00pm (lunch is the first 40 minutes) We gather in a restaurant meeting room, to allow for more social time. Use of the room includes the expectation that many in the group will be eating. Please plan to have lunch with the group, or at least some fries or desert and a drink. You can purchase various options from their affordable menu (see link below). Their doors open at 11am, plan to arrive at 11am (not before) to order lunch early. We will ‘clear the tables’ around 11:45am, so order early to get your food in time to eat. We have a two hour program. Then after, maybe grab a desert, a refill and socialize more. LONGHORN CAFE 12311 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, 78217 Located in a small shopping strip behind the Whataburger, along the right side of WalMart. Using Nacogdoches Rd it is about 150 yards north of the Thousand Oaks intersection. Turn in at the Whataburger entrance, then drive thru their lot, towards the side of WalMart. You will see LongHorn Cafe on the right side, in the shopping strip and parking is next to it. Using Thousand Oaks turn in at the Walmart entry, drive to the right side of Walmart. Here is a PDF file of their menu, for food choices and prices, as of early October. ( menu options and prices may change - this is the handout given in mid-September ) Here is a direct link to Google Maps with their location already keyed in for you. ( click the photo when it opens and pan around to see the Cafe and parking area ) Reminder - bring something for Show-n-Tell Note: we hope you will but you do not have to eat lunch with us. Maybe just get a drink and desert. People ordering from the restaurant is how we pay for the room. FYI: we paid to use the library room. The restaurant opens at 11am, plan to arrive soon after to order lunch || only staff should arrive before they open.