South Texas Railroad Socials
Our next ‘Social’ will be on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 ( this is one week earlier to work around area holiday events ) These have been 3 hour gatherings, with clinics, information, lunch and socializing. The restaurant opens at 11am, please arrive at or minutes after 11am (not before) to order lunch. We eat lunch and visit some, then they clear the tables about 11:45am to start the program. We have the room longer, so plan time to stay afterwards to mingle and visit and talk trains.
Mark you calendar and come join us on Dec. 14th Also dates for 2020 Socials… Mar 28th, Jun 27th, Sep 26th and Dec 12th Note: we hope you will but you do not have to eat lunch with us. Maybe just get a drink and desert. People ordering from the restaurant is how we pay for the room. FYI: we paid to use the library room. The restaurant opens at 11am, plan to arrive at or after 11am to order lunch || only staff should enter before 11am
Show-n-Tell - bring something you built or even working on… or email a photo ! Just weathered a locomotive, or finished building a car kit, or have a structure you are working on? If not completed, bring it to show the progress. Purchased an railroad antique recently, show it off. AND… if already installed on the layout, email me 4-6 pictures to show on the big screen. It’s fun to see what others are doing - it might encourage others to do similar…
Rolling Stock Tune-Up by Don Winn Before putting that box car that you bought at the swap meet on your layout, it pays to check it over and correct any issues. We'll talk about getting the proper weights (and how to secure them), metal wheelsets, good couplers and coupler height. We'll also show a compact work station that makes the job less of a chore.
Here is a tentative line up of material for the December Social
A Diesel Shop for the SA&N RR by Tom Crosthwait The San Antonio & Northern RR, the HO layout at SAMRA, was in need of a new Diesel Shop. Tom designed and built the structure from scratch. He will describe the methods used to construct, paint and weather the San Antonio Yard Diesel Shop.
Having a Work Desk by Frolin Marek Where do you work on your models? When you need to put metal wheels on a car, install a decoder, fix a Kadee coupler, or assembling a building kit or painting a new Diesel Shop for the layout… do you have a place just for your model work? Using some recent experiences, Frolin will talk about his new work desk he just setup and why.
Plus, our program often includes an area museum update, regional railroad events calendar, LSR Div 6 update, history moments, and those funny video clips too. This ain’t no sit and listen thing, we have Q&A, Show-n-Tell, news and fun stuff all mixed in. So plan for around 3 hours of train fun with lunch option, plus the museum visit afterwards.
Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 by . . . . . . . Travels of the UP 4014 around the country this Fall lead to many photo opporunities. Lots of railfanning right here in Texas and in the San Antonio area, as it passed from Del Rio to SA to Houston, with stops along the way. Some great shots and some good video was taken as 4014 went thru our area.