South Texas Railroad Socials
Our next ‘Social’ is tentatively planned for Saturday July 25th and will be ‘Virtual’ as we can not meet at the restaurant yet. The regular Socials are at the restaurant and last about 3 hours with lunch The Virtual Socials are online and run about an hour plus open mic time after Both include clinics, presentations, Show-n-Tell, area news and socializing Plus a layout tour when possible ( virtual tour when online )
Mark you calendar for July 25th - our next Social (virtual Social) Dates for 2020 “Socials”… due to the virus, they vary and for now are online. Note: we hope you will but you do not have to eat lunch with us. Maybe just get a drink and desert. People ordering from the restaurant is how we pay for the room. FYI: we paid to use the library room. The restaurant doors opens at 11am, plan to arrive at or minutes after 11am to order lunch || only staff can enter before 11am
Can YOU give a mini-clinic, on modeling or prototype? How about a layout photo tour ? Want to but need help preparing, we can help. If yes, please email us now and give a summary.
Our program often includes an area museum update, regional railroad events, history moments, NMRA LSR Div 6 update, and some funny video clips too. This ain’t no sit and listen thing, we have Q&A, Show-n-Tell and fun stuff all mixed in. The Socials are about 3 hours plus possible layout tour, and the Virtual Socials are about an hour plus.
We are still working on the Agenda for the July Virtual Social - …below is some of the material we had in the May Social for reference.
Kitbashing - It’s Fun and Creative by Don Winn Walthers and other suppliers make hundreds of very good structure kits, but sometimes we can't find the right one for our layouts. Maybe you need to fit an odd-shaped space or lengthen or shorten the structure to fit. Or maybe you just want something that is not like what everyone else has on their layouts. We'll give you some tips and inspiration to think outside of the Walthers box.
Lessons Learned on the Colorado Clear Creek by Blake Bogs We often learn tricks and tips when building models and working on a model railroad, things we can use the next time. Blake will be covering techniques and layout ideas learned while helping tear down the Colorado Clear Creek RR.
Show-n-Tell - bring something you built or working on… or email a photo ! Just weathered a locomotive, or finished building a car kit, or have a structure you are working on? If not completed, bring it to show the progress. Purchased a railroad antique recently, show it off. AND… if already installed on the layout, email me 4-6 pictures to show on the big screen. It’s fun to see what others are doing - it might encourage others to do similar… For the Virtual Social, we suggest photos vs “holding it in front of the camera”. Send us an email and let’s show your stuff !