South Texas Railroad Socials
Our next ‘Social’ will be on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 These have been 3 hour gatherings, with clinics, information, lunch and socializing. The restaurant opens at 11am, please arrive at or minutes after 11am to order lunch early. We eat lunch and visit some, then they clear the tables about 11:45am to start the program. We have the room longer, so plan time to stay afterwards to mingle and visit and talk trains.
Mark you calendar and come join us on June 22nd Also note future 2019 Social dates… Sep. 28th and Dec. 14th Note: we hope you will but you do not have to eat lunch with us. Maybe just get a drink and desert. People ordering from the restaurant is how we pay for the room. FYI: we paid to use the library room. The restaurant opens at 11am, plan to arrive at or after to order lunch || only staff should enter before 11am
Show-n-Tell - remember to bring something ! Maybe you just weathered a locomotive, or finished building a car kit, or have a structure you are working on that is not completed ? Maybe you just purchased an antique railroad lantern. Bring something to show others, what you are working on or have to show off <grin>. It’s fun to see what others are doing - it might encourage others to do similar…
The Early History of San Antonio Railroad Service by Hugh Hemphill San Antonio was the last major city in the US to achieve railroad service. The reason may not be what you think. No, there was not some conspiracy, some cabal, that tried to keep the rails out. The answer is a lot more interesting than that! And it goes all the way back to 1850. Come hear all the details from Hugh, a local railroad historian and the author of “The Railroads of San Antonio.”
Here are the topics we have planned for the June Social
Better Running with Clean Track by Tom Crosthwait If you have a model railroad, did you ever wonder why your trains don’t run smoothly or if your DCC system is out of whack? Besides good track work, the M&SW railroad has been running smoothly for 16 years using two main ingredients. Tom will give a short review of his track cleaning methods he developed and uses on his model railroad.
Texas Transportation Museum ( afternoon tour option ) Formed in 1964, the museum has various transportation exhibits. They have four locomotives, three are operating including a 1925 Baldwin 0-4-0 (recently returned to steam). Train Rides on Saturdays and Sundays. Tour a restored Santa Fe Business car and a Pullman passenger car. Also home of AMRE (an HO club and layout) and SAGRS (a large garden railroad), plus O and N displays. The museum is located a short drive from the restaurant and will offer special admission to those at the Social.
Plus, our program often includes an area museum update, regional railroad events calendar, LSR Div 6 update, history moments, and those funny video clips too. This ain’t no sit and listen thing, we have Q&A, Show-n-Tell, news and fun stuff all mixed in. So plan for around 3 hours of train fun with lunch option, plus the museum visit afterwards.