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Pictures from 2003

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 Here's Shay #4 with the new trucks. This has been our main project for 2003. The first test steam up was in December. The trucks work well, but we uncovered a few other problems that will need work. I hope to be able to run it for the winter steam season, then build a new cab and give it a paint job over the summer.
Fits right in at the SR&CL


 This is the gear side of the new trucks


End view


Close up of the end


Hey, that's what they look like on the other side


 Top view


These are the journals for the gear side


This is the partly assembled truck frame


Wheels and axles


Some of the parts for the frame. Boy, there sure are a lot of parts.


This is the Boston gear set after the modifications. We had to remove about half of the hub on the pinion. The big gear had to have an adapter to bolt to the wheel and the hub bored larger to make room for the journals Well, do they look like this?




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