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Well the newest thing is our own domain name. We decided after the @home deal that our own name was something we needed. Tom signed us up and here we go. As long as Tom pays the fee each year we should be able to be found at  srclry.com  Email too. If you have problems with this please let us know.

This page is an update on what's new on the SR & CL Ry. The plan is to change it from time to time as we complete projects. I hope that I have time to do this often.

Drawings (AutoCAD) now in PDF format.

I have drawings of the flatcar, 14 pages, detail drawings of the trucks and parts. There are drawings I did for Jim, of the trailer truck for #24. I also have drawings for the passenger car we are building.  I have added a new page for the drawings, follow the link on the Rolling Stock page to ‘Plans’. You can download the drawings here. I ask only that they be used for non-commercial purposes. If you want to make money on them let me know and we can work something out.

--  this is an old page / pre-2007 / from previous website and will be replaced --

[Home]  [Equipment]  [Buildings]  [Crew]  [Route]  [Progress Pictures]  [Plans]  [What's New]  [Links]

Updated   1/19/08