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Over the years, Mel has drawn up plans for various castings in CAD.  These plans are now available for purchase in printed form, from a third-party firm.  Please visit their site for more details…

A & K  Enterprises


Freight Cars

1. flatcar1 --     This is a plan drawing for the flatcars. It is also used as

a plan for the under frame for other cars as all the cars were similar.

2. bodcast --    This is a drawing of the castings for the body of the flat car.

(center castings, stake pockets, etc.)

3. dgdtail --    This is a drawing of the draft gear, showing details.

4. frtaxle1 --    This drawing shows our axle for the freight cars.

It is used with our scale wheels, not IBLS.

5. frtbkbem --   Detail drawing of freight car brake beam and parts  

6. frtbolsp --     Detail drawing of the wood parts of a plain bolster truck.

Truck bolster and spring plank.

7. frtciron --      Detail drawing of the strap iron parts of the flatcar.

8. frtrk1 --   Drawing of the plain bolster truck with body mounted brake beams.

9. frtrk1x --   Drawing of the plain bolster truck with parts call out.

10. frtsiron --   Drawing of the strap iron parts for a plain bolster truck.

11. frttrrod --   Detail drawings of the truss rods.

12. ftcarstr --   Detail drawing of the wood stringers for the flatcar under frame.

13. ftcarwd --   Detail drawing of the other wood parts for the flatcar.

14. trkcast --   Drawing of the castings for a plain bolster truck

15. BRAKES --   This drawing is the general brake arrangement for the freight cars.

16. BRAKEHEAD --   This drawing is of the brake head and brake shoe castings that

I have designed. We are working with Stan Rutledge to have castings made.

17. BRAKWHL --   This drawing shows the brake wheel and other parts for the handbrake.

18. FTBKPART --   Drawings of the body mounted brake levers for both passenger and

freight cars. Also shown are truck mounted levers for freight and passenger cars.

19. FTKBK --   Drawing shows the brake beam mounting. Also shows the truck frame

details for truck mounted brake system.

20. FTTKBKDG --   Drawing shows the truck brake lever arrangement. Also shows

detail drawings for the lever and brackets.


Shay Truck Drawings

1.  wshaytk1 --   This is a drawing of the new trucks for Shay #4.

2.  SBRAKE1 --    Shows brake parts and layout of the Shay truck.

3.  SDETAIL1 --   Shows a section view of the wheels and journal bearings.

Also the bolster assembly.

4.  SHAYPTS1 --   Shay journal boxes.

5.  SHAYPTS2 --   Shows axle, pinion shafts, spacers, and modifications to

the Boston Gear Works gears.

6.  SHAYPTS3 --   Bolster parts.

7.  SIRONPT1 --   Shows strap iron parts.

8.  STKPTS2 --   More strap iron parts and the center castings.

9   STRKFRAM --   Top view of the truck frame strap iron.


Passenger Car

1. pascar1 --   Plan drawing of coach 23.

2. pascar2 --    Drawing of coach 23


Miscellaneous Drawings

16. swstand --   Drawing of our switch stand.

17. swstpts1 --  Parts drawing of the switch stand. (NOT COMPLETE)

19. wheelfnl --   Detail drawing of our 20" scale wheel.

20. whlrail2 --   Detail drawing of our wheel and rail standards.


Drawing of #24 trailer truck

1.  24TRTK1 --   This is the trailer truck for #24. Jim and I designed

the truck for the engine he is building for Tom.

2.  24CENPIN --   Parts drawing.

3.  24FRFMJB --   Trunk frame parts.

4.  24SWLKPT --   Journal box and swing links.

5.  24TKSPEQ --   Hangers.


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