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Pictures from 2002

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This is coach 23 "Ailina". Tom and I have been working on this car for a few years. 
We are nearly done only a few minor things to finish.
Tom bought a vinyl sign cutter this winter, now we can do things like the etched glass and lettering. We have been using boat lettering, now we can use more correct lettering.
This inside shot shows the Conductor's desk.

The car seats 3 people and is also used as a caboose.

Another shot of the Conductor's desk. There is also a brake lever in this end of the car.
This picture shows the seats in the other end.
This view shows the new lettering on the caboose and the two stall addition on the round house.
What do you think?


Harold Allen's Shay #4

This fall we were able to negotiate a lease on Harold Allen's Shay #4. Mike decided that they no longer had a large enough railroad to use two locomotives and still wanted to see #4 running.  Harold's railroad is 12" gauge ours is 7 1/2", we determined that the engine was pretty close in size to our #7. A new set of narrow gauge trucks should allow us to run it here. So.........another project for the SR&CL Ry. shops. A set of drawings are complete and the wheels and other parts are here, time to get to work.

Here we are in Ann Arbor preparing to load #4 for the trip to Battle Creek, that's Mike Allen on the right, the rest of the boys you know.
Nothing to it, a piece of dual gauge track on the trailer and a ramp.
So far so good.
Chain it down.
And a way we go.
Looks good in it's new home. Fits in the round house OK.
That's what makes it go.
The shop trucks Tom and I built work great.
I think the new trucks need to look something like this


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