John Ozanich (Johnny O, JNO or Jack) is the owner and General Manager. JNO was a locomotive engineer for the Grand Trunk in Battle Creek, MI. for over 30 years. He is Mr. Railroad as he eats, sleeps, & breathes railroads. The SR&CL reflects this, because, it was built not as a model but as a working railroad. He thinks of it as a 7 1/2" narrow gauge railroad similar to the Maine Two Footers. If compromises are made, they are made so it will be a better running railroad.
Jack has also been a model railroader, I think since birth or shortly after (materials were short during W.W.II). His HO railroad, the AGE, has been in the model press and is operated with people from all over the world. Now the operating sessions can be run inside or out. Jacks thing on the SR&CL is building roadbed and track, then operations. He is the happiest with a spike maul (Milwaukee drill) in his hands, then driving the tractor shaping the roadbed. Building the railroad has been a 7 day a week operation most of the time since we started in 93. When he isn't working on the railroad, he is dreaming of the next thing for us to build.

John Korstange (Mel) is the Master Mechanic. He builds or designs the things J.O. dreams up. He worked on standard gauge locomotives for the last 20 or so years for the GT and C&O. He was in on the construction of the AGE back in the early 80's. Mel got into computers a few years ago, then went to school to learn AutoCAD and started the website. He does not believe in reinventing the wheel and would like to hear about other people's railroads. He would like input on the SR&CL, so Email him at  Mel @ SRCLRY . com  (without the spaces).

Tom Casper is our Communications Officer. He worked for Nortel as a telephone installer/ repair person, until the summer of 2001. Tom lives west of Chicago but has been coming to Battle Creek, first to operate the AGE, and now to build the SR&CL. The last few years he has made the trip at least once a month, most months more than once. Johnny O tried to work him to death pounding sand the first few years, but he survived. Tom has gotten fired up on this railroading and even contracted with Jim Small for a steam engine to run on the SR&CL. Tom has also let Mel off-load some of the car building. He built a flat car and a boxcar in recent years. Tom has been corresponding with other people in the hobby and also looking for parts and supplies when he is home in Chicago. To discuss the railroad and operations, email Tom at  Tom @ SRCLRY . com  (without the spaces).

The Boys:  We have been blessed with a fairly large, but far flung group of eager and able helpers. A project as large as the SR&CL can't be done without the help of many people. Bruce Phillips of Battle Creek is JNO's main man to ask for help. He is a local realtor and knows EVERYBODY. He finds us contacts and lends a hand with many chores. He even is interested in funding a depot for us in Phelps. We probably would change the name to reflect his if he does. Marty Knox of Ridge Locomotive Works is the official boilermaker of the SR&CL Ry. Steve Lorenz and John Bauer from the far western burbs of Chicago are always a lot of help when they can make it. Jim Small has built many things in addition to bringing No. 7 to stay in Battle Creek. He has a great time whenever he can come from Brampton for a few days of running or working. There also are many people, both local, and from far away who have been a great help. Roger K is our master Machinist who lends a big hand when we can't do something. He has become our go to man for steel when we run out. We always are grateful for any help, as this is a large and never ending project.

We can give a shout out to a few of the faithful who have given their time to make things better... David R, Wes H, Maynard M, Tom W, Mike P, Larry B, Jack T, Roger K, Connor K, Mark P, Jack S, Bob G, Bob M, Frolin M, Eli M, Gordon W, Chris C, Zoe T, Chuck G, Mike D, Doug F, John & Mary P, Scott N, Kirk A, Marty K, Mike A, Craig W, George F, Big Jim P, Dave K. It helps to have many hands to make projects move along or just keep us company.
Thanks Guys, and to their wives for letting them come over!
This website is maintained by Frolin Marek down in Texas.  A PC Tech Specialist by day and model railroader and web guy at night.  He found the SR&CL Railway when he was getting in to outdoor railroading in 1999 and created this website in 2006, replacing a previous site.  In 2021 a fresh newly designed site is coming.