Roundhouse - This building was built to house the equipment and also be a center of operations. The building also has an office on one end that we use for lunch and a dispatcher desk. The roundhouse is heated with a wood stove and a backup propane furnace and has lights and water. This building was built with the turntable side more to scale with the equipment, the doors are about 5 ft. high and the tracks enter the building 3-ft. off the floor. It has 5 raised tracks inside with partial platforms between tracks. The ends are open between the rails to facilitate maintenance on the locos.

Shop - This is a pole barn where our shop uses a corner. Bruce Phillips placed a huge sign on it to proclaim the use inside. It houses an area for our foundry behind the shop part. This building predates the railroad and the shop was one of the first projects. The shop houses our tools we use to build and repair. It has a raised track with a drop table and a chain hoist to help with maintenance. It is a very busy area and needs to be bigger. Maybe someday it will be expanded.

Tie Barn - This is where we store the raw ties before they are dipped. Jack put a spur on a switch back into the building and we can put a 33 ft. and a 28 ft. car inside [scale that is]. We can load the cars in the building when we need raw ties. It also houses a radial arm saw and a belt sander along with the big tractor. It predates the railroad also.

Car Barn - We have two of them now. One is on the end of the spur track in Phelps and holds a passenger car. This has made room in the roundhouse for bus #3. The other one is on the end of the spur to the Tie Barn. That one is 4 tracks wide and 24 feet long with a transfer table out front to move cars to the other tracks.

Station Buildings - Station buildings are currently in the planning stage. There is a plan for a station at Phelps. This is the main yard and the location of the roundhouse and back shop. Current thinking is to have this building two stories with the dispatcher on the second floor. Other small depots are planned for other locations where we have a flat spot to put them.