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Symposium Facility
  & Hotel information

...was held on   Wednesday thru Saturday,
  February 24 to 27, 2010   in  Houston, Texas

Contest Information

Attendee Registration

Daily Agenda

Results of our survey

Vendor Registration

Vendor list

Layouts that were on Tour...


-   Barry Bogs,  Colorado & Western

-   Bob Werre,  Great Plains Northern

-   Chuck Lind,  Tall Pine Lumber Co.

-   Craig Brantley,  Spring Div of D&RGW

-   Craig Raymond,  Rio Grande Southern

-   Don Bozman,  Great Great Northern

-   Eddie Carroll,  D&RGW

-   Gil Freitag,  Stony Creek & Western

-   Paul Cesak,  Pagosa Creek Timber Co.

-   Rich Schiffman,  Clear Creek Logging Co.

-   Jim Lemmond,  Cedartap

-   Houston Area Live Steam club

Clinics and Schedules

Red Mountain  Sn3
   layout is coming

For more information,  please contact  Craig Brantley
   at  (281) 642-4189  or email him (click the link here)

Vendors,  please use the Vender Email found on the Vendor page

-   Bill Hughes,  Pennsylvania RR

-   Galveston Model RR Club layout

Operating Sessions

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