Sn3 Sale - May 2018                                                                * *  all items have been sold  * *

I am assisting with the sale and removal of an Sn3 layout in Central Texas.  I was contacted by a friend of the widow to come by on Saturday to see and discuss options.  I have limited details and was able to get a 'rough' batch of pictures during a quick visit.  This layout was running when the owner passed away.  The engines and cars are NOT available at this point, only the layout and some structures.

Key Detail...  this room must be cleared out before May 30th  2018, so it can be remodeled before the house can be sold.

Below are three groups of photos.  The first shows a rough overview of the layout, and the bench work.  The second is a collection of buildings removed from the layout.  The third are some kits that are available.  The layout is locate in the country, about 40 minutes West of Austin, Texas.

The terms are simple...   the layout must be removed by the end of May.   It must be done on a Saturday maybe Sunday.  Everything must be removed, track, switches, wiring, bench work, plaster, screws, etc.  Bring your own trailer, tools, Shopvac and trash bags.  The room needs to be semi-clean and cleared of the layout when done.  A small token of thanks would be a nice gesture.

If someone or a group, would like to come get it, talk to me ASAP.  If you want it all, come get it.  If you want the track and switches, find someone who wants the bench work.  If you want the bench work, find someone who wants the track.  Or get with me as I maybe able to coordinate the two parties.  If no one wants to come take it all, I may try to hire help to go disassemble and sell off items to cover time and labor.  So if interested in any of this, let me know ASAP.

The buildings and kits I have at my house, the photos were taken in haste last night.  If you are interested in any of these, make me a fair offer, will probably accept most.

At the end of May, a Remodeling Crew has been hired to remove and trash what you see, to clear the room and repair and make ready for selling the house.

This is a quick web page as time is short - I first saw it yesterday and was given the next two weekends to remove it if can.
Please do not ask who the owner was.  Or for delays.  This layout is a sensitive subject with the Widow.
Please look at the photos, I can answer some questions but I am not an Sn3 Modeler.
I do not mean to be blunt or short, but that what the time frame is for this venture...

  The layout overview, including photos of the benchwork
  Various structures from the layout,  including some trestles still on the layout
  Various kits found and available, some are S/Sn3 and some are HO


  Click to EMAIL me if you are interested.  Send your phone number if want me to call.

* *  all items have been sold  * *

FM  5/13/2018