A  Photo  Tour  of  Barry  Bogs’

Colorado  &  Western   Railroad

This is a Colorado style, mountain railroad, built in 1/22.5 scale, featuring both narrow gauge and standard gauge trains

using Gauge 1 and 3 hand-laid track, running mostly scratch built locomotives and rolling stock, in a 1000sq ft train room.


These pictures were selected to give an overview of the railroad, arranged in the order as you may walk down the aisles.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but nothing replaces being there.  Few model railroads are in this larger of scale.


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The  Entrance


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The  HighLine


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Rockwood  &  Lobato


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A final view of Durango and Rockwood,  with Barry and a Guest for scale/size comparison


Description: CWvisit30.jpg



If you would like to see some video clips of this railroad, go to the Video’s page off the home site.

Or for a sampler video of the railroad visit, click  < here >

( this 3 minute video is 44meg in WMV format, it might take a minute to download )


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