Tom's  Locomotive 

Sandy River & Rangley Lakes #24

At the end of November 2012, Mel and Tom went to pick up the locomotive's boiler section.

SRCLLoco24_113012a.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012b.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012c.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012d.jpg
SRCLLoco24_113012e.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012f.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012g.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012h.jpg
SRCLLoco24_113012i.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012m.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012n.jpg SRCLLoco24_113012o.jpg

Note:  the last three pictures were cropped, zoomed in on other pictures above…

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