Caboose 559  -  January February March  2012


The Shop Crew has been busy working on the Caboose inner hardware.

This includes the lift shocks for the roof for easier access, end platforms and hand brakes,

And also the two interior seats, one which includes a seat that raises to aid in getting out.



Description: Caboose559_010312b.JPG

Description: Caboose559_010312a.JPG

Description: Caboose559_021312a.JPG

Description: Caboose559_021312b.JPG



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Description: Caboose559_021312ba.JPG

Description: Caboose559_021312bb.JPG



Description: Caboose559_021312f.JPG

Description: Caboose559_030512a.JPG

Description: Caboose559_030512b.JPG

Description: Caboose559_021312e.JPG

Description: Caboose559_030512c.JPG



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Most photos are from Tom, but the two showing John and Tom are from Bruce.


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