July  2011

Ran some trains and worked on the new Caboose frame

SRCL_20110731a.JPG SRCL_20110731b.JPG SRCL_20110731c.JPG SRCL071711_CabooseFrame.jpg


After a heavy rain and with Jim Small & Jim Parker visiting, I fired up #7 so they could get some throttle time.  It was hot and humid but with steam who cares!  We hauled wood to the wood shed most the day.

Also, the Shop has been working.  We finally have the caboose on her wheels.  All the brake components got finished off on the 16th and I rolled it out on the 17th for a portrait.  Now the frame work will go together and then we can skin it.  Sometime in there we will paint the frame and trucks. 

    -  Tom C



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