Shop Time - December 2010

Trucks,  Couplers,  and an Air Pump Repair ?


srcl122810acaboosetruck.jpg srcl122810bcaboosetruckcloser.jpg srcl122810ccaboosetruck.jpg srcl122810dcaboosetrucks.jpg
srcl122810ecouplerpartswelded.jpg srcl122810fcouplerparts.jpg srcl122910a10airpumptop.jpg srcl122910b10airpumpbottom.jpg


Finally the trucks are almost done,  They needs the bottom strap done.  Then the journal boxes and wheels can go in.  Mel was working on coupler parts.  We took the air pump off of #10 to see if we could see why it stopped pumping.  Nothing obvious.  Mel took it home to further analyze it.   -  Tom C



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