Operations on November 27th and 28th, 2010

srcl112710a7catjct.jpg srcl112710b10nearcaspercutjeffmast.jpg srcl112710d107athighpt.jpg srcl112810a10jackathighpt.jpg srcl112810b3carsofwoodphelps.jpg
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srcl112810hbrakemanonflat.jpg srcl112810ibrakemanonflatcloseup.jpg srcl112810jlarryjanboltonwithkidsatphelps.jpg srcl112810k7athighptwithalinainbckgnd.jpg srcl112810l7train.jpg
  srcl112810m7mejoe.jpg srcl112810nlarryjanboltoninalina.jpg srcl112810oc560withlarryboltonalinaboston.jpg  


We fired up #7 & #10 and moved some wood and then passengers.  A couple of shots are from the cab of #7 as we assaulted the Hill.  Later at High Pt.,  the air pump on #10 quit.  Jack nursed it down the hill and put it away.  The next day was beautiful so fired up #7 again.  Hauled some wood and then the Bolton's came over with their neighbors kids to show off the railroad.  We gave rides.   -  Tom C


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