More work on the trucks

 Over the month of October and November, work continued on the trucks


srcl110110apassengercarwheelsaxles.jpg srcl110610apassengertrucktopframe.jpg srcl110610bpassengertrucktopframe.jpg srcl110810atransomonframe.jpg
srcl112610apasstrucktopmiddle.jpg srcl112610bpasstrucktopframemiddledetail.jpg srcl112910atopoftruckwithbolster.jpg srcl112910bequalizerwithspringcups.jpg


Photos of the truck progress. Axels and wheels ready to press.  With the frame top side pieces done, Mel welded them together and when cooled a little, I ground the welds. Next up was making the middle frame member that went between the transom and the frame top.  Once they were bent, 2 - 3/16 holes were drilled on either side of the rods, then bolted up. The transom takes a plate over each end.  A shot of a bolster completed.  You can see how the swing links attach to the top.  All the spring cups located on the equalizer bars.   - Tom C



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