New Trucks - Journal Boxes and Pedestals

More work in the shop during September and October 2010

srcl091010ecentercastingsshoesqueenposts.jpg srcl091110apedistaljournalbox.jpg srcl091110bpedistaljournalboxangle.jpg


srcl091110cspringplankdone.jpg srcl091110dspringplankendview.jpg


srcl100410abolstershoeside.jpg srcl100410bbolstershoetop.jpg srcl100410cswingmotionparts.jpg

 Some shots of Mel's test parts to check machining on the journal box and pedestal.  While he was machining more, I made the bolster side bearing rub plates and installed on the truck swing bolster.  With that on, the center bearing can be bolted on and one piece is ready to be inserted in the frame.  Only 5 more to go. 


Also some of our parts we made in our foundry.  New queen post that Mel made patterns for and a shoe for the truck transom that will be needed. One is the top side frame for the truck,  We needed to find a way to bend the 3/8 steel with that offset.  We finally found we could use our furnace and our torch to get it cherry red and them put in the press and pump quickly. Then shots of the shoe installed on the transom.  Takes 2 transoms for each truck.  The mallet is a persuader to get the rod in and once bent over the shoe to come out the other end.  Those rods are bolster tie rods. And last a pile of parts!   - Tom C


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