Car Barn Work - Aug / Sept  2010


srcl82310atransfertablesettimber.jpg srcl82310btransfertabletimberrailset.jpg


August 23rd, Jack is checking the wood base, plus after squared, level, aligned and tamped.  -Tim Lab


srcl091110atransfertableslideplate.jpg srcl091110btransfertablerollers.jpg srcl091110ctransfertablesideview.jpg srcl091110dtransfertablehandle.jpg


Mel helped Jack build a transfer table for the car barn.  Jack used the bus frame he had as it is 7 5/8 wide and worked out good for the track in the barn so a hunk was cut for the table.  Mel made brackets and put V-pulleys on and added some stops and Viola, a transfer table!  -Tom C



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