Construction of new trucks

The guys have been in the shop building some more trucks



srcl073110ajournalboxes.jpg srcl073110bmelatmillonjournalbox.jpg srcl073110cspringpackonplank.jpg srcl080110atommelinshop.jpg srcl080110bjournalboxlid.jpg
srcl080110cspringpackandtransomparts.jpg srcl080110dspringpackandtransomonplans.jpg srcl080110espringpackandtransomstraightonplans.jpg srcl081610aspringplankassy.jpg srcl081610bspringplankassy.jpg


We have been working toward getting enough parts to build 3 pair of passenger car trucks to use under a caboose and other cars to come.  This is the start of putting parts together to build them.  Most of our work for the rest of the year is in the shop. Here are views of the casting, machine shop work, truck assembly and swing links added to the truck.  We use dummy springs as the coil springs are strong enough to carry the load.  -Tom


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