Number 10 comes out after the Rebuild

It's a nice late June afternoon and Jack and Mel bring Number 10 out in the sun

SRCL062610a10onTTPhelps.JPG SRCL062610b10onReadyTrackatPhelps.JPG SRCL062610c10onreadytrackatPhelps.JPG SRCL062610d10onReadyTrackwithMelJack.JPG SRCL062610e10onReadyTrackwithMel.JPG
SRCL062610f10leftsideinjector.JPG SRCL062610g10rightsideinjector.JPG SRCL062610h10insidecabcenter.JPG SRCL062610i10insidecableft.JPG SRCL062610j10insidecabright.JPG


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