Rebuilding  Locomotive  #10

Near the end of 2009 and in to Spring of 2010, Mel took on the task of rebuilding #10.


This included a completely new cab and some new piping in the process.




















Notes compiled from Tom’s emails, when he provided these photos:


At the end of 2009, Mel undertook the rebuilding of #10. The first pictures are of the cab frame going together:  the front wall frame almost done, all the walls and front done,  is placed on frame the for a check (Mel working in back ground).


Next two are shots of the cab frame painted and placed.  Mel used plywood as a mock up of what he thought the back of the cab should look like.  Jack inspected and approved before metal was ordered.  The frame was measured and wood parts were made to go on where appropriate.


With a new cab came new plumbing.  A series of shots showing different changes made: throttle and cylinder cock levers were moved back for easier hand access, air lines need cooling coils added so we worked up brackets for those and added to the tanks,  Mel used bulkhead fittings to pass the lines thru the cab wall.  Will make removal easier if we have to take anything apart.


Finalizing, a shot of the plumbing done in the cab. Plus new placement of the air brakes, boiler pressure gauge and up at the very top is the sander supply lines and control valve. We also started the water supply lines back toward the new tank that was coming.  On the left side, the air line to the trailing truck was hooked up after the water line was placed.


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