Activity in April  -  Trackwork,  Railbus Run,  Coal Run

In the middle of April 2008,  Jack relocated the switch for the spur at High Point.


The Railbus was run up the hill and turned on the new turntable, designed for it.


Jack made a run to get more coal for the steam engines.  It was a good month!






042108a_SRCLRybus3onnewTTendview.JPG 042108b_SRCLRybus3onnewTTleftside.JPG 042108c_SRCLRybus3turnedrightside.JPG
042108d_coalpileandtruck.JPG 042108e_Jackinfrontofcoalpile.JPG

The two Railbus pictures with blue border are in large format,  so click on them again after opening,  to expand.

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