Sunday Special - February 3rd, 2008

Extras were run on Sunday to enjoy the snow scenery and open trackage, from the Plow Extras the weekend before.

SRCL_020308a.JPG SRCL_020308b.JPG SRCL_020308c.JPG SRCL_020308d.JPG
#10 at Phelps with train Jack watching Mark running Loco #10 Marty Knox riding #10 with Mark P at the throttle #7 at High Point on the spur
SRCL_020308e.JPG SRCL_020308g.JPG SRCL_020308f.JPG SRCL_020308h.JPG
#7 at High Point with Jack #7 on Roundhouse lead #7 ready to depart Railbus #3 at the Roundhouse

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