Sandy Ridge and Clear Lake Railway

Pictures from 2001

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Our passenger car, coach 23, this view shows the steel tube frame. When it is complete most of the steel will be covered with wood, inside and out.
This view shows the lift up roof. Only a frame now ( July).
This is the roof under construction in the carpenters shop (August).
The easy part is done, now comes the plywood skin.
Roof is on, first week in Oct. Gas supports work well.
Close-up of the end with the roof on and wood starting to go on. Also shows the platform and railings.
Johnny O. has been laying rail all summer. This is the east end of the line, A couple hundred yards past the trestle.
This is the end of the line. It is on the property line and as far into the hill as he can go.
The SR&CL's latest technology upgrade. Johnny O. is bit of a computer phoebe, but we're working on him. Maybe next we can get him a pocket calculator. Don't wait for a email address.

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